New Notebook Range

Before Christmas, I was given a large collection of old sheet music, dating from the 1930s – 50s. beautiful stuff! it was destined for the charity shop, or the recycling and so i couldn’t resist doing something a bit more fun with it.


These notebooks are made in the exact same way as the map books that I’ve been making for years with recycled folded paper inside, but here i have splashed out on some lovely bright linen tapes for binding. You can buy a notebook here with a yellow, orange, navy or sky blue spine!


DSCF3974 DSCF4019DSCF4010 DSCF4002 DSCF3983

Shop / Life Update!

Time for a little update I think, since I’ve been so quiet on here over the last few months!

I have new range of printed and partially hand embroidered cushions for sale now, which I’m really proud of. This range features some new designs as well as a few of my old favourites, what’s different is that I have (through the lovely and highly recommended Prinfab) had some high quality textile prints made of the designs, this means that the cushions are MUCH MUCH quicker to make, whilst still retaining a handmade quality.

Each cushion is available in a fully printed version, all at £20, and a partially embroidered version which vary from £30 – £35, which have most of the text and some key features hand stitched onto the printed background. I love these items as they have a great tactile feel but don’t take the hours of make time that my older ranges of cushions did! I have also started to be more responsible in my sourcing of fabrics. I have always bought the cheapest cotton I could get my hands on but I’ve now switched to buying organic only (the organic textile company are ethical and sell some great stuff! I would also be open to suggestions of any other good suppliers if you have them – send them my way!), for the backing fabrics for the range. Its more expensive obviously but it’s beautiful! And much more environmentally friendly which I feel is not just a fun feature of my business now, but a necessity!

I also have recently created a discount store, basically its my old Folksy shop! You can go there for any items that I no longer list on Etsy or that are in clearance and soon to be removed from sale, all with discounts in price.

I’m now working a full time job as well as running Stitch City, which explains why I’ve been so quiet lately! I’m not winding down the shop by any means, but I’ve had to make some changes and pare back on a few projects. I will still be here, working away, I’ve got my new studio set up in my living room and so there’s no excuse really!


I am currently working on restocking after the Xmas market season. And then in the new year I’ve got another new cushion to add to the range.

I’ll be shutting the shop for the xmas break on Thursday 21st December – and then I’ll be reopening in the New year on Friday January 5th.

Merry Christmas and see you in 2018!

Snowdonia Notebook Range

In the summer I went up to Ceredigion in Mid Wales to visit family, and it is the most beautiful place. I love the Welsh countryside, the small towns and houses with mountains looming behind.

All this inspiration leads me on to…..

A new collection of notebooks that I’ve been listing over the past couple of weeks, and a few of them have sold already, ahh so I better post this now before they all go!

DSCF3471 DSCF3473 DSCF3479


Ahh this map is so beautiful, an OS map from 1984, part of a special National Parks series. I’ve got loads more, so there will be more collections to come! OH and they all have lush illustrations on the covers, ill have to photograph those and make up a separate blog post for them <3



Cadair Idris




2017 Cushion Range

So I’ve been working super hard over the last few months to develop some new products – here’s the first four completed designs, digitally printed and made into cushions. I’m thinking of branching out and making other products using these designs, such as tote bags or wall hangings. Let me know what you would like to see!

DSCF2935Vintage inspired Aberystwyth Town Map, Navy or Black Back

DSCF3266Cardiff North Vintage 1960s Inspired Embroidered Map, Red back

DSCF3689Queensway London Street Sign Design Cushion, Red back.

DSCF3764Wales Natural Forms Map Cushion, Organic Green back

All of these are available on Etsy and in my new Depop store!


Check out my new de – stash items on Instagram and Etsy now!

destash1 destash2 DSC_0063