beautiful books

Found these on the Anthropologie website. I want them all. Lovely.


Its just occured to me that if i cant get my bus to the diff on monday morning at 11.30, i will actually be stranded in Harrow for christmas. No need to worry….. I┬átried some machining type, i… Read More


I wish i had gotten my act together for cyber monday, unfortunately third year work is more important than etsy sales right now, i have started on some new badges for the art sale im doing in a… Read More

badge & bag

honestly, havent been so busy with the uni project this weekend, i have been trying out the new badgemaker and made my stitchcity freebie badges (free with every sale!) also a few other designs, the photos need work,… Read More


…. Began with a nice autumnal trip in to central London where me and Lizzy Lee took photos of things: And ended with this: I realised i am now in third year and must therefore write… things. I… Read More