FINALLY we have internet at the flat! no more laptop carrying and at last I can update my blog with ease Most importantly our current uni project is another self-defined type thing, so i combined a few things… Read More


STILL we dont have internet at our flat, so i am having to drag my laptop into uni each day to work/go on etsy/buy stuff… Some new things up in the shop!  A few new notebooks made from recycled… Read More

bestival times

lots of heavy bag carrying and queuing and mud, but also food, drink, music and good times!

Now for Sale…

My 3 folk tale hoops from the mythology project! They are $7 each exept for the sheep which is $6, all are uploaded to my new embroidery section!


You would think from looking at these pictures that i spent all of last week drinking corona by a pool. You would be right. Im not a massive fan of insects but I love praying mantis’s for some… Read More