Wales and London In Detail

I started off this week developing two new cushion covers for a commission for Ceredigion Museum in Aberystwyth, the first being my second attempt at an Aber map, I got to use my light box for the first… Read More

Week 1

Having now left my full time job its time to get on with doing what I’m supposed to be doing, working on getting my business up and running. Which means posting here weekly from now on! It was… Read More


I know, to go over two months without posting is pretty shocking. It has been a bit up and down since then. One up was travelling to the highlands with the boy for the most epic of road… Read More

2 more things…

I have finished and posted my first ever custom order! This cushion shows an area of Bath, Sally Lunns house, the Roman Baths, and Parade Gardens where my buyer was proposed to back in 2010. I also went… Read More

yes, hello

I’m still here. I’ve been struggling to find the time to write recently. Firstly I moved out of my flat in Cardiff Bay, and went home, which saddened me but I really need to save money. And I… Read More