new listings!

finally put some new stuff in my shop, a couple of map notebooks from the exhibition: http://www.stitchcity.etsy.comĀ  still no sales, dont think i have enough stock, hopefully will use the next project (which is “self defined”) to work… Read More

quarter past 3 in the morning

……i may be finished? Im pleased with bits of this one, i dont particularly like the lady, but then i dont think ive ever drawn an actual person and liked it, at least im trying! I do like… Read More

No more fucking lamps!!

im not sure if swearing will lose me marks… might look into that. Its half 2 in the morning and im trying to finish book number 3, going a little strange.


better kipps

muchmuch happier with this version. brown paper background works better than that yellowy fabric i was messing around with before. And obvs also the cut out text which is pretty much the only thing that survived my massive… Read More