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These are the portfolio pages I finished yesterday. They look a bit blurry here because theyre massive files and I dont have time to resize them. I found a tiny graphics tablet in a drawer in my house… Read More


I wish i had gotten my act together for cyber monday, unfortunately third year work is more important than etsy sales right now, i have started on some new badges for the art sale im doing in a… Read More

Yankee Scans


FINALLY we have internet at the flat! no more laptop carrying and at last I can update my blog with ease Most importantly our current uni project is another self-defined type thing, so i combined a few things… Read More

Final wave

You would be right to assume that this took ages. DAYS. Here are some finer details… Probably didnt need to stitch on such a massively long quote, but I really like stitch writing, got a bit carried away!