Im home! Oh yes I went to Hong Kong, and heres the proof: We saw a real life….. There are MANY more on flickr and facebook. I meant to post much earlier than this but the last week has been mental,… Read More

new bag in progress

Not sure what colour bag yet… Am all finished with work experience now. I learned a lot and got to make books and use spray paint and go to Brighton almost everyday, it was awesome fun! But now I have… Read More

trade show



I am on work experience at the moment with SUKIE,  who make bloody gorgeous notebooks like THIS and various textile things and bags like THIS. Lovely. Next weekend I’m helping them at Pulse, a trade show at Earls Court, how… Read More

New Quay

I went to West Wales for a week… ^^My Aunties crazy 3 legged cat And today i was at Wembley Stadium… Where myself and 37,000 sunburnt welshmen watched cardiff city fail to reach the premiership. sigh. OH. Our… Read More