We have an exhibition at Nolias Gallery in Southwark at the start of June. Ailish who organised it asked everyone to design a flyer, so heres mine!

Woods and Water

I keep redoing the tree stitch but it never comes out quite right, i finished this one but now wish I hadn’t cos it looked much better in that hoop^^^ and only half completed.  ^^^Some sea as inspired by Drowning… Read More

Oystermouth and Pennard

Went for a drive over to the Gower today in search of castles. Hundreds of photos were taken: One for the tourist board: Then I got bored of castles: So the next thing to do is draw, and finish reading… Read More

llfyr sgets

I havent had to spell in Welsh for roughly 3 years so please please correct me if im wrong, anyone who knows better… I realised half way through i shouldve done this in Welsh but then i think… Read More


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