finally finished

The last portfolio pages ever to printed for assessment which i got done yesterday (and then promptly went to the pub for a celebratory burger and beer). No idea why they look so ridiculously bright here, the printouts… Read More

catalogue portrait


five six

Ive been tidying up lots of images and developing a couple more final images which im actually really enjoying, despite being knackered, and ill. AGAIN. The Crane wife part 1. Not finished yet. This is my workspace/entertainment centre/pride… Read More


i havent posted for a while because ive been getting LOTS of stuff done, here is some crane wifey tryouts, ive been experimenting with PAINT (i know!) and i did try image maker but you dont want to… Read More


I haven’t had proper internet for about 3 weeks now, and finally I’ve had the chance to get into uni and put up some pictures from the project ┬áive just finished, a protest about the badger cull.