Well work has slowed down considerably since finishing with the degree, instead I have attempted to make the most of living in London for the past few weeks as I’ll be leaving very soon to live somewhere cheaper… Read More

finally finished

The last portfolio pages ever to printed for assessment which i got done yesterday (and then promptly went to the pub for a celebratory burger and beer). No idea why they look so ridiculously bright here, the printouts… Read More

catalogue portrait


pages many

These are the portfolio pages I finished yesterday. They look a bit blurry here because theyre massive files and I dont have time to resize them. I found a tiny graphics tablet in a drawer in my house… Read More

five six

Ive been tidying up lots of images and developing a couple more final images which im actually really enjoying, despite being knackered, and ill. AGAIN. The Crane wife part 1. Not finished yet. This is my workspace/entertainment centre/pride… Read More