fabric fixing (for dummies)

remember that cut out fabric type i did a while back? it was time to find a way to stick them to my piece without using stitch. I bought some hemming tape in the hope that it would… Read More

february finished

All the patches are finally done! you can see them all individually here. The next thing which i have been attempting today is machining them together. Tis tedious, but looks pretty cool, thankfully…


On the 11th I went to London zoo and saw many of these fish (called tang, thankyou Joe). I used fabric pens on calico to draw out the shape, type, and to work out which details to embroider… Read More


more to come…

Patch 1 and Stuff

So i didnt even make any tryouts, just went straight for patch one, probably not a good idea but then i didnt have a lot to think about really. This first patch refers to finding a chair in… Read More