Vintage Victorian

Having the embroidery section of my shop sell out completely the other week was a bit of a motivator to get this lot finally photographed and listed:

DSCF2194DSCF2212  DSCF2201 DSCF2208 DSCF2210

DSCF5701DSCF5699  DSCF5703 DSCF5704 DSCF5709

DSCF2228 DSCF2229 DSCF2238 DSCF2239

DSCF2292 DSCF2296 DSCF2301


These maps are based on a reconstructed Victorian London map, and so show a lot of familiar streets with slightly less familiar landmarks. The original map is beautifully painted, so to try and emulate this I used watered down fabric paint to slightly tint the calico and give the maps an aged, faded look. Hopefully it works well!

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