Best Bind

This week I managed to get on with a massive new collection of notebooks. I’ve had a huge stash of recycled paper building up for the past year and now’s the time to use it!

The books are all made with 22 pages of folded a4 paper, mostly old documents and photocopies that would have otherwise ended up in the recycling bin (i haven’t thrown away a blank sheet of paper in literally YEARS).

I use waxed linen thread which is a really strong thread that can withstand a lot of pulling and knotting, I can actually split the thread into thinner strands and it still works just as well.

There are loads of really beautiful and intricate ways to bind, (just look at all the amazing work on Pinterest) but as I always cover the thread with double sided tape, I just use a really simple method which is similar to Japanese Stab binding.

I’ve also been working on some new cushion cover designs this week, and had another go with my sewing machines free-hand foot. I find it so difficult, but I thought I could at least manage to colour in the hedges in my latest map of Victorian era London.


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