Essential Sewing Kit


I thought for this post that I would do another bit of a guide, the last one was so fun! I have developed an insane collection of sewing materials over the years but here I would like to focus on my essential stitching supplies, that have stayed the same, in the same little lunchbox for almost 10 years now!


sewingbox21. Wooden Frame – I always have one of these to hand for embroidery work, especially stitching typography onto maps and creating filled areas.

2. Pins – And handmade pincushion (I’m selling loads of these in the shop!)

3. Un-picker – Must have.

4. Swiss army knife – Bit odd, probably not totally necessary but its SO HANDY to have a tiny set of tweezers for close work and bottle opener for prising stuff, also the tiniest pair of scissors which are perfect for finishing and tidying up small embroidery projects. There is also a pretty deadly looking knife in there but that’s not so useful for embroidery….

5. Black thread – I use black thread in so many, if not all projects so I have a huge supply, I have a 5000m reel which I’ve been working through for some time and I’m almost out…

6. Ikea pencil – Of course!

7. Colour Embroidery threads – Usually DMC but I tend to accumulate them from all over the place, so some are not such good quality. I don’t buy black because I use SO MUCH of it that I just immediately run out, hence the 5000m reel…

8. Stork Scissors – The jewel in the crown! These are one of my favourite things that I own. My boyfriend bought them for me after discovering this amazing company, Ernest Wright and Son, who hand make scissors! These are hand made!!! They are so super sharp and have a great weight to them that makes you feel their amazing quality. I know its mad, I never thought I could care about scissors this way, previously I only ever used those cheap 3 packs from Ikea ( to be fair they’re pretty good!) But these are AMAZING. Check out Wright and Son –

9. Needles in a needle case – I never really thought about using a needle case either, up until my mum bought me this great hand made one from Pocket Pirate ( made from felt fabric and leather. It is so useful, and I really don’t lose needles at the same rate I used to!


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