better kipps

muchmuch happier with this version. brown paper background works better than that yellowy fabric i was messing around with before. And obvs also the cut out text which is pretty much the only thing that survived my massive change of direction with this. Am still working on the spine and the backcover and also need to put the words H.G. Wells on it somewhere, I only realised today that thats kind of important…

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  1. yup i agree all looks a lot better now especailly the text. to be honest you dont have to have H.G Wells on the front cover. It would probably ruin it… just put it on the spine and maybe on the back. The trick to designing book covers is to know how much or how little needs to go on it with your design. Just put it on a spine. if you actually look how books are displayed in book shops these days they have one pile of the book with the cover facing you then a row of them stached with the spine facing you. but yeh well done al its looking great!

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