Heres what i did this evening, started my first hoop embroidery, it was meant to be a quick one… 2 hours later i think Ive established theres no such thing as quick embroidery. I really need a sewing machine. It is looking rather tidy so far, the hoop really helps with that, its just sooo fucking slow!

Heres some ink drawing:

And this is my cat:

Who i know has nothing to do with anything….

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  1. I’m a big Decemberists fan and saw some of your song-inspired stitchwork. I’d like to know if you would mind if I used one of your images on my bass drum head.

    Let me know – thanks!

    • oh yeh, thats cool! which image were you thinking of?

      i really don’t mind, but if it’s possible could you put my blog address around the edge? (doesn’t have to be big type, just so that my name is on it, you know?)


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