FINALLY we have internet at the flat! no more laptop carrying and at last I can update my blog with ease

Most importantly our current uni project is another self-defined type thing, so i combined a few things i like to write the perfect brief for myself. I liked getting inspiration from folk stories last year, so i am doing something similar and basing my work on Decemberists lyrics from the album The Crane Wife. I am getting quite carried away on two songsĀ in particular the first, Yankee Bayonet is the story of a man who goes to fight in the American civil war and is killed, leaving his family behind. I looked at old civil war maps, which are beautifully hand drawn and have been experimenting with my own stitched version….

I am doing a big final map (with the help of my sewing machine!) using the song lyrics and different imagery and references from the song, this is a scan of a small section:

And some development sketchbook stuff: (by the way…click on the images to see them in greater detail!)

As you can see, some rough work is quite detailed….

And some REALLY isn’t…

Anyway now that posting requires no heavy lifting there will be much more in the near future, as soon as i figure out what im doing!

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