badge & bag

honestly, havent been so busy with the uni project this weekend, i have been trying out the new badgemaker and made my stitchcity freebie badges (free with every sale!)

also a few other designs, the photos need work, dont really know how to sell these, theyre probably too cheap to sell individually….

And i managed to finish a whole bag, not bad for a days work, the design is one from with earlier in the year but ive wanted to stitch up a tote for ages:


2 Comments on “badge & bag

  1. Is that an actual embroidery on the badge or a copy? They look nice, I think they would work well sold as sets of 5 or 6. : )

  2. Thanks!
    the scanned in pics are originals but i copied them to make the badges…
    yeah i think sets are the best plan!

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