prototype things


It is completely machine sewn by me, it was so satisfying to finish! I wont be selling this particular one because i’m not happy with the inner lining which exposes the hem on the inside so it will fray really easily, something i want to change before they are sellable.

The chair comes from my initial patch for the 1st of February, i’ve got loads of little versions of it and have no idea what to do with them, framed originals perhaps?

This is (will be) a cushion cover, based on another patch from Feb. Im still debating whether white is a good colour for a cushion….. I also want to do more london street signs so i might go on a little trip into central with my camera soon…

2 Comments on “prototype things

    • haha thanks! mates rates on a proper finished one if you like?
      this ones MINE :p

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