So since starting my job (may i add FULL TIME) it has been massively difficult to get work done, in the evenings i have no motivation whatsoever after answering emails all day, so that leaves the weekend, by which time i have completely lost track of what i was doing the week before! So from now on there will be a blog post every week, mostly to remind me of what I started/finished/am in the middle of…..

So today i went down to the Bay. It has to be the most photogenic place ive lived (not that theres anything wrong with Harrow…..)

This Cormorant below will get drawn at some point, i love them.

Mount Stuart Square has some proper nice buildings, i think i’ll be working from these for a bit, i’m meant to be doing more “Welsh themed” stuff but im struggling to think of things that arent rygby/sheep/dragon related. Any suggestions would be most welcome!

Oh and this is my new desk, which i havent really used properly since i moved here……

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    • Lyds computer? God no, i dont need to really, i use photoshop on my laptop then just leave it on twitter while im working, to entertain me 🙂

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