A Small Recycling Project

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a serious obsession with recycling, and I hate throwing things away that could instead be reused in some way.

It has worked its way into some of my products such as the notebooks made completely of up-cycled paper and old maps, and earrings which are mostly second hand fabric and leftover scraps. But the scrap fabric has always bugged me as there are always pieces left that are too small to use and it cannot simply be recycled with my other household stuff.

DSCF1229 So! I’ve tried tearing it into tiny bits and mixing it with quilt wadding (bought years ago and never used, its made from recycled plastic bottles, how awesome is that!?) to make stuffing for pin cushions.


In trying to use up all of my fabric collection, one thing I seem to accumilate is printed fabric that can’t really be used for any of my normal projects. I always embroider onto plain fabric, and I find that the best prints for earrings are very small detail repeat patterns. So fabrics like these gorgeous old  Ivana Helsinki swatches I picked up over in Finland don’t really have a purpose!


Epic De – Stash

So over the years I have been accumilating a LOT of craft supplies because I can’t refuse any offers of free materials even if I have NO idea when or how I’ll be using them. And when people find out you’re a ‘crafter’ of some description they tend to say “oh well you can have all this crap then, I’m sure you’ll find a use for it!” This is FINE by the way and if  you do have a lot of crafty things that you don’t know what to do with, chances are I will still take it off your hands!

A de-stash is a crafty term for selling all this stuff in a big online sale, and that’s what I’m doing. Over in my Shop right now you can buy sequins, beads and tapestry wool as well as a few other random bits, for rediculously low prices.

These tapestry threads are as far as I know, 100% wool and Anchor brand though they were all messed up together when my Nan (an avid tapestry…er? Tapesteur? Tapestry-maker!) gave them to me. I’ve kept a few of the shorter bits for packaging but the rest are up for grabs, it was great fun making up names for all the different shades, though I tried not to get too creative….

DSCF1312 DSCF1321 DSCF1305 DSCF1296

I’ve been accumilating sequins for years with no real plan as to what for, I use navy, black and red in embroidery sometimes but thats about it. So I’m selling the standard cup shaped sequins and other shapes in small numbers too.


Custom Bits

It’s been a while again, but I have been really busy! Here are some of the custom orders I’ve been lucky enough to make in past few months.

Selsey A3 Wall Hanging DSCF9187
DSCF9188 DSCF9190 DSCF9186DSCF9180DSCF9183

Kennington, LondonDSCF0145DSCF0146Carew Wedding MapDSCF0163DSCF0154DSCF0156DSCF0157DSCF0159

I’ve also added a ‘Bespoke Maps’ page to the menu at the top of the home page which has all the information you need if you fancy placing an order!

Price List for Custom Work

Price List for Custom Work


Helsinki #2

So for my second Helsinki post (just a quick one today) I wanted to show you some of the nature I came across during our visit. It was not what I expected but there are so many green spaces in Helsinki which really sold this beautiful city to me. Just around the hostel where we stayed at the Olympic Stadium there was a big wooded park to wander around, and a lake close to the centre of the city!


Sibeliuksen Puisto





Cafe Regatta – where we had the best cinnamon buns next to the water.





Squirrel spotted in the park next to our hostel.

This is actually a Red Squirrel like we find in the UK (mostly in Scotland) which are much more common in Scandinavia. I didnt realise their coats turn grey-er in winter.




View from Regatta on a wilder day.


Helsinki #1

So Jen and I went to Finland last week for a long weekend and it was the best.

I had wanted to visit for such a long time. I am a quarter Finnish (my Grampys family moved between Finland and Wales while he was growing up) so it has always been at the top of my list of must visit destinations.

I have too many photos to show you, so here are a choice few, starting with the architecture:


Olympic Tower


Olympiastadion – where our hostel was.




Finlandia Music Hall


National Museum of Finland



Beautiful buildings in Etu – Töölö

DSCF9031 DSCF9039




Winter Garden Conservatory




Uspenski Cathedral

DSCF9047 DSCF9093 DSCF9119 DSCF9148 DSCF9156