more bookcovers…

The microscope’s coming along….

I made a very skinny sketchbook for each book….

My Kipps stuff is still a bit rubbish, i was looking at edwardian clothing, and thought an image of a shop front might work but im really not sure…

and as for Love and Mr Lewisham, i did a really crappy little doodle but the photo i took makes it look better

microscope stitching

theres 2 words you dont want to see next to each other

As im reading the books i like to pick out key moments and use an image that is relevant or significant in the story. I thought a microscope would be a nice cover for Ann Veronica, because her interest in biology leads her to meet the man she falls in love with. I want to look at similar ideas for the other 2 books, just need to read a bit more.


One of my illustration/house mateys Ross has organised an exhibition for the end of April, featuring quite a few people from our class. Take a look at his epic event:!/event.php?eid=339738169740&ref=mf

blog post 1 of many….

 I saw this patchwork quilt at slimbridge wildlife park last week (cos now i can go out again!!) wish i’d made it.

Also our new project is designing book covers for some HG Wells novels. I’m a bit stuck, but i did get some nice old copies of Kipps and Love & Mr Lewisham.

did anyone notice…

 the snow??

i did an ink drawing of houses, a long one….

then i watched QI…

this is what everyday is like right now. with lots of limping about, throwing things and generally getting angry in between.