recovery day

I am learning about Mary Shelley for my summer project, as in the woman who wrote Frankinstein and the rather epic Last Man, she had such a depressing life im not suprised at how grim her books are.

"burning" building

ive been stitching over photos of buildings… which tends to be my backup when ive got no ideas.


I appear to have a blog. I have no idea what im doing but here it is!!

I think this is mostly a reaction to not having the internet for a good many weeks in this goddamn house.

Im not sure how this will turn out…. either i will ramble on for pages or barely post at all. Ill try my best…

so heres some pretty pictures!

I actually went into london today, ive been feeling very agoraphobic recently so its been good to get out of the house.

A woman shoved a tv camera into my face. I ran away.

i bought these...