Urgh. First day back in uni, thinking we had a review… all those 3ams still stitching last week. THERE WAS NO REVIEW. So after all that, I actually couldve spent another whole week on it. In a way… Read More


Our house has gone a little crazy this week. the project is getting reviewed on monday so everyone is frantic. Our living room is a tip, literally wrecked. There has been a lot of banter, sleep deprivedness, and… Read More

recovery day

I am learning about Mary Shelley for my summer project, as in the woman who wrote Frankinstein and the rather epic Last Man, she had such a depressing life im not suprised at how grim her books are. ive… Read More


I appear to have a blog. I have no idea what im doing but here it is!! I think this is mostly a reaction to not having the internet for a good many weeks in this goddamn house. Im not… Read More