We have an exhibition at Nolias Gallery in Southwark at the start of June. Ailish who organised it asked everyone to design a flyer, so heres mine!

Final wave

You would be right to assume that this took ages. DAYS. Here are some finer details… Probably didnt need to stitch on such a massively long quote, but I really like stitch writing, got a bit carried away!

Finished Hoops

I did one last hoop stitch for Bala Lake, incorporating a little piece of cross-stitch on the surface for a change. Here are the finished ones, I rather like them though the bird is still my favourite.

signs and birds

Another Bala Lake bird…. Not as successful as the one in the hoop but I just fancied doing another bird to be honest! and my final piece for the Llanfabon Changeling… Its about a child who is stolen… Read More

My 2 desks