Plimsoles and Pattern

As much as I completely LOVE stitching maps sometimes I really just want to make something for the sake of using super bright threads! I also thought it could be fun to stitch into my new plimsoles: Which… Read More

Cosmos Embroidery Collection

I made these a while ago after borrowing some amazing books from work about the Solar System and the Universe (and watching the old and new series’ of Cosmos!) and thought I’d have a go at stitching some… Read More

Better Weather

  A bee box! (No bees yet..)

More time!

Hello! Been super busy this month, and as such, not much time for blogging. It’s amazing how working evening shifts plus trying to maintain some kind of social life can really sap away the time, so since i… Read More

Big and Small

Hello, I’m still here! Have had a very productive couple of months making lots of new work as well as working plenty of overtime at the library. That whole abstract pattern design phase I was going through the… Read More