I’m very sorry for not posting for such an incredibly long time! The most exciting thing that’s happened is that i’ve moved house! Out of my parents and into a lovely top floor flat in Penarth with my lovely boyfriend. The flat has 2 pretty awesome features the first being a gorgeous view of the Bristol Channel.

steepholm view

(I’ll admit this was taken using the highest zoom setting on my camera, but you get the picture!)

And the second is the spare room, which I am turning into my very own studio! The room seems to be set right up into the roof of the building, so the ceiling is weirdly low (fortunately, not a problem for me!) Here is the before and after shots:



DSCF3067 DSCF3068

I still have a lot of things to buy to make it better, like a new desk lamp that doesnt blind me and a noticeboard! But its pretty amazing to have this much space 🙂


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    • hehe, thanks! YES i will email you about visits in both directions soon, i promise!! xx

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