Big and Small

Hello, I’m still here! Have had a very productive couple of months making lots of new work as well as working plenty of overtime at the library. That whole abstract pattern design phase I was going through the last time I posted seems to have subsided, and I appear to be rekindling my love of maps…

unfinished euston map This is one of 4 new (or old but revamped) designs I’ve been working on, having had a good look at my shop and the range of products I currently offer I thought it could be nice to add a bit more variety, so I’m making bigger items that have more impact!

threads new button earrings

I’m contrasting that with some very small and quick to make products that I’ve never tried before, button earrings! I’m pretty pleased with how theyre coming out so far, and it makes excellent use of all those spare little bits of fabric that are too small to use for anything else 🙂

Last week I invested in a beautiful red daylight LED lamp for my desk, do any other stitchers have one of these? If not, GET ONE, it is the best £20 I have spent in a long time!  Allegedly the LED bulbs are meant to last 20 years as well, which is pretty amazing if its true….

daylight lamp in red

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