Print is Dead

Deadline is tomorrow, and im MILES from finishing, heres what i have so far….

For my final piece Im making a journal/guidebook for visitors to London, Im using rescued and recycled papers for the pages and embroidery and collage for my guide pages. Rather than information about the more obvious landmarks and tourist spots ive used places/things  i like visiting, places I would recommend to others. The blank pages in the book are for the owner to write/draw on with their own favourite sights.

So far i have 4 pages finished… below is 3 of them (dont have any good pictures of the 4th yet!)

^ this is bits of the old london A-Z i got hold of,  tis beautiful 🙂 (maybe not surrounded by masking tape…)

^ here is one of my finished pages, a map to the Dolls house on the hill in Harrow, complete with nearest tube station.

^^^Southbank page. Im not sure about the layout but im so pleased with the map. it took a WHOLE SODDING DAY.

^^ these are the Elfin oak page, again there are bits i like and bits i dont, but i think everyone should genuinely look at the map and go and see it in Kensington Gardens………… cos its pretty like!

Oh also, just so you know after this book is finished (and marked which will take a while…) Ill be selling it on Etsy, along with another I made for this project and a few other bits from this term, like the black tote from the Deep Space project. (see the deep space blog post)


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