Super New November Sale!

So I thought i had enough items in my shop now to start making a few discounts. So I’ve created a new section which is a kind of sale/showcase! I will pick 10 items a month and add them to the sale! Here is the first 10 –

Abernethy 20Abernethy Vintage Map Notebook

cadair25 Cadair Idris Cushion Cover

Caernarfon 20 Caernarfon Bay Map Notebook

desk cush25 Desk Cushion

Desk tote 20 Desk Tote

Discount owl Owl Eyes Notebook

DSCF1937 Embroidered Regents Park Cushion

millbank15 Embroidered Millbank Frame

redchair15 Red Chair Cushion Cover

swanbadge 25Embroidered Swan Badge

As much time as I spent putting those little triangles on the corners…. I dont think they look all that great, I think that for next month I should aim to make a stitched alternative…..


All of these items are also on sale in my Folksy shop, if you prefer!


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