A Small Recycling Project

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a serious obsession with recycling, and I hate throwing things away that could instead be reused in some way.

It has worked its way into some of my products such as the notebooks made completely of up-cycled paper and old maps, and earrings which are mostly second hand fabric and leftover scraps. But the scrap fabric has always bugged me as there are always pieces left that are too small to use and it cannot simply be recycled with my other household stuff.

DSCF1229 So! I’ve tried tearing it into tiny bits and mixing it with quilt wadding (bought years ago and never used, its made from recycled plastic bottles, how awesome is that!?) to make stuffing for pin cushions.


In trying to use up all of my fabric collection, one thing I seem to accumilate is printed fabric that can’t really be used for any of my normal projects. I always embroider onto plain fabric, and I find that the best prints for earrings are very small detail repeat patterns. So fabrics like these gorgeous old  Ivana Helsinki swatches I picked up over in Finland don’t really have a purpose!


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