Hi and Happy New Year!

Hopefully everyone had as relaxing a Christmas week as I did, lots of food and video games for the most part!

I had a great time in the busy run up to Christmas, selling at two markets, Penarth’s Handmade Market at the Paget Rooms and the Cardiff Etsy Made Local market at the Tramshed. Both were great fun, the Tramshed market was a resounding success with loads of people coming to see us and most importantly spend their hard earned cash on fantastic bespoke gifts! I ran completely out of business cards. This is the only photo I have from the day, because I was so. Freaking. Busy!market

Something that really hit me this Christmas season was just how much I appreciate people! Its very easy in the world of social media, to get bogged down in depressing news stories, ridiculous pointless arguments and unnecessary nastiness. But I did find, and it should come as no surprise, that people in reality, are very nice!  The markets I sell at at Christmas are really the only time I confront total strangers in a direct and consistent way, getting to talk to all sorts of people and my introverted personality makes this a massive challenge each year. But I find it so rewarding, its still absolutely worthwhile. So thanks to all the lovely customers I met at the Tramshed, you restored my faith in humanity!

So what can you expect from Stitch City in 2017? Well I hope that I’ll be improving and revamping things, starting with a destash which I’m going to be posting on Instagram before listing on Etsy, so follow me on there to get first dibs!

There are going to be a one or 2 new product lines in the shop and I’ll be getting rid of some old ones (keep an eye on my Clearance section!).

My overall plan is to make the shop a 3 part project – 1. Stitch City embroidered products – 2. Recycled Paper – 3. Recycled Fabric. Defining all my makes to fit into one of these 3 categories will (I hope!) help to keep me focused on my best, and most relevant product lines rather than doing what I’ve done so many times and spiral off into making things that don’t really make any sense for Stitch City! I actually read this useful article today on the Etsy blog, and I think I’m beginning to take all of these points more seriously, especially the one about keeping your brand consistent, which is something I feel I’ve always had trouble with.

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