book making session

For our new project ‘print is dead’ im making books to sell on Etsy. easy!

My theme (at the moment) is maps and im just trying out a few different things

3rd notebook

^^^this is the first one im really happy with, im thinking of turning it into a guidebook for london with space for the owner to write in and stick in their own bits and pieces…

book 2

book 3 back

book 3 side

map books

book 4

^^this ones in progress, its taking AGES

flat paper

^^this is my way of flattening paper in my room….lol

ideas book

stitch ideas

^^ some sketchbook ideas….

3 Comments on “book making session

  1. I can definitely see your getting better at this!
    Hopefully someone will buy something soon 😀 I’m thinking of doing burger books and bumblebee hairclips?

    • ooh thankyou!
      oh yeahh your burger book was awesome!
      its not easy to sell 🙁 i have 15 hearts now and still nothing…

      • You got some hearts? That’s something good! Well as long as you production loads of lovely notebooks the more people will look at your stuff, so fingers crossed!

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