finally finished

The last portfolio pages ever to printed for assessment which i got done yesterday (and then promptly went to the pub for a celebratory burger and beer). No idea why they look so ridiculously bright here, the printouts aren’t quite as colourful as this…

Some other last minute things I managed to finish are these stitchings:

The top two are book covers (for little a6 sketchbooks) and the third is on a tote bag (which i am not selling,  it took so much longer to make than the others I would have to sell it for probably £50…. plus i like it too much!)

In other news I am desperate to be rid of the many badges I have made so all the listed designs on Etsy and Folksy are now half price (ie, reaallllly cheap!) so please take a look!

5 Comments on “finally finished

  1. did you save the pics for web? not doing that can sometimes make the picture colour change…. stupid i know!

  2. Hey dude, just a quick question (sorry i couldn’t remeber your email, and i’m a cheapskate when it comes to phones) ~ but how long is it ok for me to stay in london after deez? some tickets are cheaper on weekdays/and times of day. ALSO i got the tickets through the mail!
    btw. nice patches, looking forward to see your other work when i visit!

    • Weeeell the gig is a thurs so if you get here weds middayish and leave friday eve? Probs better to go later than earlier as its going to take us a loooong time to get home after new slang! if saturday is cheaper trains thats also fiine but im out for lizzys bday in the eve…

      And yay about the tickets! lizzys coming too and possibly another mate who lives nearish new slang 🙂

      • Ooh, awesome. and i don’t know why, but i was sure it was a tuesday! thursday makes things a lot easier. okie doke, i’ll be getting tickets soon :3 can’t wait.

        • YAY. if you get to london before 3pm on the wednesday we can go to the secret tea shop in soho! you will LOVE IT.

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