Ok I know I said I would post once a week but clearly this is far too ambitious for me! November didn’t feel particularly busy but I guess it must have been, I have plenty to share!

I took part in two markets in two weeks, the Charity Fashion Swap and at Milkwood Gallery. It was so great to have the chance to actually display my work and talk to people, other sellers as well as customers, so it was definitely worthwhile!DSCF3326DSCF3339DSCF3341DSCF3340

At home I moved my workspace into the spare room of the house (known as ‘the old kitchen’!) and now I have my own desk which trust me, is a massive improvement on my previous working conditions!


I should say it a lot messier now…..  But everything I need is here, including Art books borrowed from Howard Gardens and a Vintage suitcase from my dear friend REtrose (now filled with all the fabric for my works in progress!)

I’m now working on getting my shop as well stocked as possible, with cushions including new designs and some revamped favourites:


I really enjoyed finishing this frame, which is the first of four in a series, showing areas of Victorian London. This one is the Millbank Penitentiary on the north bank of the Thames, I doubt any of these buildings are still there. I don’t know if it will sell, bit of an unusual topic for an embroidered piece! But I like that its a bit wierd, and also that the building created such an interesting shape on the map! I also loved filling in the river with watered down blue fabric paint, something I hadn’t tried before.



Lastly, after doing a bit of research I found a freehand foot that actually fits my sewing machine! In theory this will speed up my making a lot, as I can use it for pieces that before I would have had to completely stitch by hand (I still bloody love hand stitching,  could never give it up altogether!) To draw with thread on the machine like this is a lot more difficult than it looks, and my first couple of attempts were so utterly crap i won’t be posting them on here! But I did do this tree, which isn’t exactly great but i think its a start anyway! Hopefully with a bit more practice I’ll be able to make things that are actually worth putting in the shop.DSCF5027

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