i made wagamama noodles

well they tasted DAMN good anyway.

im watching lost, series 2. its all about desmond <3

my matey jen sent me this today:




Oh yeah, i won some advertising space on an etsy sellers blog, look closely, im there somewhere….


aw, john lockes dad stole his kidney. bastard.

book making session

For our new project ‘print is dead’ im making books to sell on Etsy. easy!

My theme (at the moment) is maps and im just trying out a few different things

3rd notebook

^^^this is the first one im really happy with, im thinking of turning it into a guidebook for london with space for the owner to write in and stick in their own bits and pieces…

book 2

book 3 back

book 3 side

map books

book 4

^^this ones in progress, its taking AGES

flat paper

^^this is my way of flattening paper in my room….lol

ideas book

stitch ideas

^^ some sketchbook ideas….

EPIC times

The last of my notebooks are up…

owl. cat.

got the ideas for these from the nursery rhyme project from year 1…

owl eyes

^^^this one is my favourite EVER^^^ there are lots of owls on etsy at the moment…


Back in uni proper now… our new tutor is http://davidfoldvari.blogspot.com . Pretty cool.

Ill put some photos up of the new project once ive actually done something. So far all i have is….



I would also recommend everyone type in CHARLIE BROOKER and TEEN WITCH on youtube. Both are EPIC on very very different levels..


Urgh. First day back in uni, thinking we had a review… all those 3ams still stitching last week. THERE WAS NO REVIEW. So after all that, I actually couldve spent another whole week on it. In a way its a good thing though, it forced me to work at least.

I am quite exited about the new year, with any luck I wont fail miserably.

Ive added a new notebook to my Etsy shop, I am hoping someone will give it a good home.


Theres more too, link on the right >>>>>>>


Our house has gone a little crazy this week. the project is getting reviewed on monday so everyone is frantic. Our living room is a tip, literally wrecked.

There has been a lot of banter, sleep deprivedness, and we’ve been listening to crystal castles pretty much on repeat, which seems to make me work faster, because  FINALLY ive finished my final piece!

its like a mini patchwork quilt, all the patches are different quotes from the book, here are some (excuse the quality, my camera is SHOCKING)


st pauls




^^this was my least favourite to do, sewing into stretchy cotton is not fun.




^^^ this quote isnt easy to read here, but it says “full grown actors on this changeful scene” i think thats my favourite quote from the book. this one took the longest because it has actual humans on it…


this city of fire patch worked much better than i thought, lace for smoke is quite pretty though im not sure if thats a good thing…… anyway this is my favourite of them all