I’m Sorry To Say This But….

Its nearly time to start thinking about Christmas! I actually hate having to deal with Christmas until at least December 1st… but this year I’ll be super busy taking my shop to various craft markets around Cardiff and… Read More

Plimsoles and Pattern

As much as I completely LOVE stitching maps sometimes I really just want to make something for the sake of using super bright threads! I also thought it could be fun to stitch into my new plimsoles: Which… Read More

Better Weather

  A bee box! (No bees yet..)


Professional Practice is finally over! for this module we had to create some kind of self promotional piece for our work. Mine is a catalogue/advert/leaflet thing, i guess its a kind of glorified business card. I made it… Read More


STILL we dont have internet at our flat, so i am having to drag my laptop into uni each day to work/go on etsy/buy stuff… Some new things up in the shop!  A few new notebooks made from recycled… Read More