maps & moves

Look at them all!! Im making a series of totes and cushions using small sections of each. I moved house 2 weeks ago from London to Cardiff, now living down in (or at least near) Cardiff Bay. Its… Read More


FINALLY we have internet at the flat! no more laptop carrying and at last I can update my blog with ease Most importantly our current uni project is another self-defined type thing, so i combined a few things… Read More


STILL we dont have internet at our flat, so i am having to drag my laptop into uni each day to work/go on etsy/buy stuff… Some new things up in the shop!  A few new notebooks made from recycled… Read More


We have an exhibition at Nolias Gallery in Southwark at the start of June. Ailish who organised it asked everyone to design a flyer, so heres mine!

new listings!

finally put some new stuff in my shop, a couple of map notebooks from the exhibition: still no sales, dont think i have enough stock, hopefully will use the next project (which is “self defined”) to work… Read More