My 2 desks

Woods and Water

I keep redoing the tree stitch but it never comes out quite right, i finished this one but now wish I hadn’t cos it looked much better in that hoop^^^ and only half completed.  ^^^Some sea as inspired by Drowning… Read More


Heres what i did this evening, started my first hoop embroidery, it was meant to be a quick one… 2 hours later i think Ive established theres no such thing as quick embroidery. I really need a sewing machine…. Read More

fabric etc.

Some city road finds: amazing: And then these….. are from this laavely shop: I need to stop buying things.

Lamp & Mr Lewisham

Just trying stuff out… Tea break: I like the type ive been using for kipps, although the more I look at it, the more it starts to seem like it should be on a cereal box.