prototype things

I MADE A BAG: It is completely machine sewn by me, it was so satisfying to finish! I wont be selling this particular one because i’m not happy with the inner lining which exposes the hem on the… Read More

badge & bag

honestly, havent been so busy with the uni project this weekend, i have been trying out the new badgemaker and made my stitchcity freebie badges (free with every sale!) also a few other designs, the photos need work,… Read More

new bag in progress

Not sure what colour bag yet… Am all finished with work experience now. I learned a lot and got to make books and use spray paint and go to Brighton almost everyday, it was awesome fun! But now I have… Read More


not project related i know, just a bit of shameless self promotion… I went through a bit of a cross stitch phase last year, im sure it will return but right now im feeling to impatient to get… Read More